VW Bus Short Film Festival 2020



LIBEREZ MAX -   Director: Quentin Herlemont -France

SERIAL KOMBI - Special Award 2020 

1989 VANAGON WESTALIA ALMOST LIKE HOME-Directors: Ivan Verlaan e Julian De Zorzi – Usa


EL VIAJE SIGUE POR DENTRO -  Director: Veronica Otero Armengol - Venezuela


MR. RUDNICKI and THE CARS - Director: Andrzej Mańkowski - Poland


The prizes will be awarded by a jury of experts.

For the   AUDIENCE AWARD   vote your favorite film.

Send us an email by 3 january,  info@eventiavanti.it   with the title.

TIGER  CLAW    Director:  James Cotton - UK

MONSTRUOS - Director:  Diego Mezarina - PERU’

THE PORNOGRAPHER -  Director:  Gabrielle Demers - CANADA

LIGHTHOUSE JOULES - Director:   Joules The Fox - GERMANY

MR. RUDNICKI and THE CARS - Director:  Andrzej Mańkowski - POLAND

FUDGE - Director:    Andres O'Beirne - USA

1989 VANAGON WESTFALIA ALMOST LIKE HOME -    Directors: Ivan Verlaan, Julian De Zorzi - USA

ALIENS DRINK COFFEE -  Director:  John Beneke - USA

THE JOURNEY CONTINUES INSIDE -  Director:  Veronica Otero Armengol - VENEZUELA

LIBEREZ MAX  -  Director:  Quentin Herlemont - FRANCE

MEET THE WALTER - Directors:  Narut Kladsamneang, Narumon Thongsi, Navapon Sereekul - THAILANDIA

ACCROSSE THE BRIDGE - Directors:  Alisha Steinberger, Chao Goody Wu - CANADA

OUEST -  Director:  Michael Seidl - AUSTRIA

ITALY JOURNEY - Directors:  Paolo Carlini - Camilla Albertini - ITALY

The prizes will be awarded by a jury of experts.

For the   AUDIENCE AWARD   vote your favorite film.

Send us an email by 3 january,  info@eventiavanti.it   with the title.


VW Bus Short Film Festival  2020

Final on line from 28 december 2020

Do you like or have a Volkswagen from T1 to T6 ?

VW Bus, VW Kombi, VW Caravelle, VW Westfalia, VW California, VW Trasporter, or VW Beetle ?

This is your Film Festival!

The festival, organized by EventiAvanti, is born out of two passions: the one for VW BUS and the other one for cinema and short movies.

The Festival usually takes place in  Italy, Milano,  but for this year we are on web for  everybody.

In all selected short films the VW  BUS or Beetle had to play a role.

  Here are the selected for the final

 Online in this web page

from December 28 To January 6, 2021

www.shortfilmfestival.it       Official Selection 2020       www.serial-kombi.com

MR. RUDNICKI and THE CARS: Director Andrzej Mańkowski FUDGE: Director AndresO'Beirne (United States) THE JOURNEY CONTINUES INSIDE: Director Veronica Otero Armengol (Venezuela) MEET THE WALTER: Directors NarutKladsamneang, NarumonThongsi, NavaponSereekul (Thailand) TIGER CLAW: Director James Cotton (United Kingdom) ALIENS DRINK COFFEE: Director John Beneke (United States) 1989 VANAGONWESTFALIA - ALMOST LIKE HOME: Directors Ivan Verlaan, Julian De Zorzi (United States) OUEST: Director Michael Seidl (Austria) MONSTERS: Director Diego Mezarina (Peru) LIGHTHOUSE - JOULES THE FOX: Director Adam Scarlett (Germany) ACROSS THE BRIDGE: Directors Alisha Steinberger, Chao Goody Wu  (Canada) THE PORNOGRAPHER: Director Gabrielle Demers (Canada) LIBEREZ MAX: Max ImamoRetti (France) ITALY JOURNEY: Paolo Carlini (Italia)


VW BUS FILM FESTIVAl 2020 -.The final on line is coming...

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